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A moving belt is a system of constant transport formed basically by a constant band that moves between two drums.

The band is dragged by friction by one of the drums, which in turn is driven by an engine. Another drum is in the habit of turning freely, without any type of operation, and his function is to use as return to the band. The band is supported by rollers between both drums.

Due to the movement of the band the material deposited on the band is transported towards the drum of operation where the band turns and gives the return in the opposite direction. In this zone the material deposited on the band is spilt out of the same one due to the action of the gravity.

The moving belts are used principally to transport granulated, agricultural and industrial, such materials as cereals, coal, minerals, etc, though also they can be used to transport persons in closed enclosures (for example, in big hospitals and sanitary cities). Often to load or to unload noses cargo-boats or trucks. To transport material for sloping area a few sections called tapes are used elevadoras. There exists a wide variety of moving belts, which differ in his way of functioning, way and direction of transport, including carriers of screw, the systems of mobile soil, which use oscillating plates to move the load, and carriers of rollers, who use a series of mobile rollers to transport boxes or pales.

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